Code Enforcement

 Help Us Keep our Community Clean and Aesthetically Pleasing. 
If there are any Code Enforcement Issues you wish to report, fill out Online Code Enforcement Complaint Form or simply leave a message for our code enforcement officer at (734) 449.2880 ext. 132.  You may chose to remain anonymous if you wish.

The Northfield Township Board of Trustees revised its code enforcement strategies from a Criminal Misdemeanor approach to issuing civil infractions (commonly referred to as tickets) for blight and code violations, with some exceptions.  Our goal and commitment is to maintain an attractive and well maintained community for all our residents, visitors and businesses to enjoy, thereby maintaining Northfield's high standards of curb appeal.

The Code Enforcement Department works in partnership with Northfield residents and business owners to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We will be working with residents, neighborhood associations, business owners and other Northfield Township departments to enhance the quality of life in our community by eliminating unsightly or hazardous conditions in our neighborhoods and businesses. Code Enforcement covers a variety of codes and ordinances that the Township has adopted over the years that affect all aspects of our Township's quality of life.

Common Residential Concerns include:

  • Lack of landscape maintenance, including mowing and weed removal

  • Excess debris or trash visible from the street

  • Inoperable vehicles, boats, trailers or equipment stored in public view

  • Poorly maintained houses

Common Business Concerns include:

  • Illegal temporary signs, such as banners and window signs

  • Outside storage of goods or equipment

  • Lack of landscape maintenance

The Northfield Township Code Enforcement Officer works 16-20 hours per week.  Please be patient if we are not able to respond to your concern immediately.

Code Enforcement Officer - Dawn King
Office Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
(734) 449-2880 ext. 132