About Us

Our Government:

Northfield is a general law Township, encompassing 36 square miles.  Our governing body consists of a Township Board, an appointed Township Manager, and various boards and commissions that carry out the direction and policy for our township.  Our Township Board consists of four trustees and three named officials all elected at large, as follows:

Supervisor:  Ken Dignan
Treasurer:  Jacqueline Otto
Clerk:  Kathy Manley
Trustees:  Janet Chick, Nathan Muchow, Tim Saville, Rachel Smith
As the Township's legislative body, the Township Board determines policy, rules, and laws not directly set by state or federal law / municipal statutes.  The board sets these policies through various regulatory means at open public meetings; including resolutions, ordinances and through budget appropriations.  In general, it is the Township Board’s responsibility to set policy, and the Township Manager's directive to implement policy and oversee the day-to-day functions of Township Government. 

Northfield also has a full time police department, and a paid, on-call fire department supplemented by a duty program.  Both the Police and Fire Departments are overseen by a Pubic Safety Director, a position created in 2007.  The Township also supports a Community Center, and operates its own Sewer Treatment Facility, providing service to many homes and businesses in Northfield Township and parts of Green Oak Township.

We invite you to learn more about our government, our departments, and the role of each office and the various boards / commissions of Northfield Township.

Government Structure Presentation 9/25/18

Click here to view the video recordings of our Township Board meetings.