Federal Grants Received

Total Grant Funding Awarded: $ 245,145.00 


2002 $19,899 Physical Fitness Program and Equipment to address firefighter Health and Safety. The department was able to initiate a firefighter health program and purchase the equipment needed to enhance the overall health and safety of firefighters.
2006 $87,444 Emergency Medical Services Grant to upgrade Northfield Townships capability from Medical First Responders to Emergency Medical Technician at the Basic Level.  This allowed personnel the capability of utilizing Advance Airways and administration of certain Medications.
2008 $118,275 Personal Protective Equipment and Training.  The Department was able to purchase 18 sets of Full Protective Structural Firefighting Gear.  In addition it replaced or retrofitted all of our Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).  The Department was also able to offer Rapid Intervention Training and Firefighter Safety training not only to firefighters of Northfield Township, but also other area Mutual Aid Departments.  The last component of the Grant included training to the State of Michigan Fire Officer I & II level.
2009 $19,527 Roadway Emergency Equipment and Training.  The Department was able to purchase roadway safety equipment which included,  ANSI compliant Safety Vest, collapsible cones, roadway signage during emergencies, and an electronic message board for motorist.  The second component of the grant was the addition of retro- reflective decals that were added to the apparatus in order to promote more visibility on the roadways during emergency calls.  Eleven apparatus were retrofitted with the Chevron stripping  pursuant to DOT and NFPA standards.