Northfield Township Building & Zoning

Northfield Township Building & Zoning

Northfield Township's Building & Zoning Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Town's building codes and zoning ordinances. We work with developers, contractors, and the public to ensure that all structures in Northfield Township are properly built and that they enhance their surroundings. Our goal is to ensure that our community continues to be a vibrant and attractive place to live, work, and play. The Building & Zoning Department works in conjunction with both the Zoning Board of Appeals on variances from Developmental standards, uses and special exceptions; and the Planning Commission to hear requests on subdivisions, rezoning, and changes to the zoning code. 

Regulatory Approvals (Site Plan Review, Rezoning Requests, Planned Unit Development, Conditional Land Use, and Land Division)
Many developments require various entitlements through the Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals (also referred to as regulatory approvals) for any construction to begin.  These include Site Plan Review, Rezoning Requests, Planning Unit Development applications, Conditional Land Use approvals and land / subdivision approval.  The "Documents - Building and Zoning" link on the left hand navigation contains applications, flow charts, and manuals related to various entitlement processes.  We encourage you to contact the Township Offices or our Planning Consultant on any development matters.

Planning Consultant


Wetland Inquiries - Dept. of Environmental Quality -

Planning Commission Information
Zoning Board of Appeals Information

Zoning Compliance 
The Township requires a zoning compliance for a number of issues.  The purpose of this step is to verify the need for any permit, confirm the correct zoning of your property, and ensure the correct process is followed.
Click here for the Zoning Compliance Application.

and Contractors
A permit needs to be obtained in order to construct or alter a structure, construct an addition, demolish or move any structure, or make a change of occupancy. Additionally, a permit is required for decks, pools, sheds, commercial roofing, demolition, driveways (inspection fee only), finishing a basement, mechanical work (installation, replacement, alteration or modification of all mechanical systems and components), plumbing work (installation, replacement, alteration or modification of all plumbing systems and components), and electrical work (all wiring installations, temporary and permanent).   Permits are not required for a residential re-roof, or for replacing siding, windows, or doorwalls at a residence, if the existing framework is not being altered.  (This does not apply to Commercial/Industrial operations).  In addition, sheds under 200 square feet do not require a building permit, but a Zoning Compliance is still required.

If you are unsure in any way, please consult our office for information on Permits.  It is a serious offense to complete construction without a permit.  Please Note:  ALL Contractors are required to register with the Township prior to obtaining any permits of a fee of $15.00. Please include a copy of a current State License and Driver's License. Click here for the Contractor Registration Application.

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