Guiding Principles


Vision Statement:

The Township of Northfield aspires to be a welcoming community that respects its environment, values its heritage and promotes its natural, historical, social and economic assets to foster a safe,  business-friendly, prosperous, attractive place in which to live, work, shop, grow and play.

Statement of Mission and Purpose:

To provide efficient and effective Township services, through comprehensive planning based on long term systematic principles that foster an open, honest, responsive government. To do this in an environment that provides for maximum services provided in the most fiscally conservative manner.

Statement of Values:

  • Active citizen involvement in determining the direction of the Township government and the public services it provides
  • Respect for the individual and the individual voice and service for the common good
  • A responsive and responsible public service delivery system
  • Positive change, innovation and creativity
  • Well-trained employees committed to excellent customer service
  • Respect for our heritage and cultural achievements
  • We value the enterprise of local merchants and commit to support their efforts