The Downtown Planning Group


In the summer of 2015, Northfield Township Manager, Howard Fink identified to the Board of Trustees the need to create a comprehensive strategy for the revitalization of Downtown Whitmore Lake.  It was noted that while a number of plans existed and various stakeholder groups had participated in the conversation of revitalizing Downtown Whitmore Lake, a clear strategy had not coalesced within the community.  Various ideas were floated on revitalization efforts, but none were being coordinated with a larger plan and framework.  The Northfield Township Board of Trustees authorized the creation of the Downtown Planning Group on October 13, 2015 by unanimous vote.  The Board of Trustees wished that the group be made up mostly of residents and interested community members that were not previously on existing boards.  This was done to encourage new ideas and fresh thinking.  Barb Griffith was named chair person for the Downtown Planning Group, with primary staff support from Township Manager, Howard Fink.  The Downtown Planning Group (DPG) are all community volunteers.  The DPG hopes to bring together ideas and help give Whitmore Lake's downtown a much needed boost.  

In Mid September of 2016, Northfield Township realized a dream of the community for many years; a public park and access to Whitmore Lake.  The Northfield Township Board of Trustees purchased 23 acres formerly referred to as the "Van Curler Property" - the vacant land next to the Whitmore Lake Post Office.  The Board of Trustees authorized the DPG to oversee the property's Master Plan in conjunction with the Downtown Planning process that was taking place.  Township Planners, McKenna Associates is helping with the Master Planning Process for the 23 acre lake front property.  With such a tremendous asset, the DPG has focused a great deal of attention on this new Lake Front Park.  

To the left you will see various links associated with the DPG's activities.  Please help us reinvigorate Downtown Whitmore Lake and create a vision for the Park / lakefront property.

Barb Griffith, Chair
Jeni Olney, Secretary
Suzanne Bellore
Marlene Chockley
Tom DeKeyser
Denize Kabich
Paul Lippens
Linda Lupi
Tammy Menzel
Tim Saville
Cyndi Secrist
Jack Secrist
Doug Wilbur

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